Keep Your Business Powered Through An Outage with a Commercial Generator

Retain Customers, Gain New Ones, And Keep Your Revenue Flowing.

Consider this scenario:
A powerful storm knocks out power lines to your business and to the entire surrounding area. For your competitors, this marks the beginning of a terrible waiting game of uncertain duration, a time during which they are helpless in the face of the elements and solely dependent upon the stretched resources of utility service people to restore power. How long will their power be off? Heaven only knows, but one thing's for certain: unless they're in the candle-selling business their revenue is going to take a big hit.

Your business, on the other hand, has prepared for this not-so-unusual eventuality by having a standby generator installed by the Flint, MI, commercial electrical generator professionals at Advance Contracting and Electrical Services. Our electrical service pros are authorized to install and service the trusted Generac line of backup power units; and thanks to your foresight, when the lights go out all over the neighborhood, your operation keeps going while others huddle in the dark. Customers and clients continue to patronize your establishment - including those who would ordinarily have done business with your competitor down the street.

Your doors are open; your point of sale systems are up and running; your revenue stream continues, accompanied by the background rumble of emergency utility trucks making their way around the city. You brew a pot of coffee, put your feet up on the desk and congratulate yourself for the wisdom of your backup power investment.

The selection of Generac standby power units available to our Flint, MI, area customers includes solutions designed for a range of small to medium-sized business needs. They are code-compliant and are powered by either diesel or LP/natural gas. Best of all, they are purpose-built to run for hours, days or even weeks at a time. So you won't have to worry about the schedule of your local utility repair crews.

Keep your business up and running with help from the Flint, MI, commercial electrical generator pros at Advance Contracting and Electrical. Call us for more information: (810) 630-6334.

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Are you at risk?

Lost revenue is only one aspect of the disaster that could happen without a backup generator. Consider those direct costs, but also the intangible losses, shrinkage, and how inoperable your business will become.

Security systems become disabled, increasing the risk of theft
Refrigerated goods spoil
Employees are idled
Interrupting manufacturing processes can cause long-term damage to equipment and product
Computer systems go down and vital data is lost